453 Camp Pag-Ibig Year 1

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Camp Pag-ibig was our biggest event we were part of since we started 9 years ago. Camp Pag-ibig was in its 39th year when we got invited to partner in this annual event by Quezon City government, Department of Education and JCI Capitol. There were around 2,000 special children from different SPED (Special Education) schools on that day and they were divided into 3 camps: Camp Giliw, Camp Irog and Camp Sinta. The camps were named to fit the theme of Love.

Our team was tasked to handle the whole day’s program. We voluntarily lead the dance, arts and games that rotated to the three camps. This amazing experience took us around 5 hours. It was so worth it after seeing all the smiles from the children.

We look forward for a bigger celebration in 2016 for the 40th. Let us continue to spread love to the children in need. 🙂

Preparation Time:

Opening Ceremony:

Camp Giliw:

Camp Irog:

Camp Sinta:

Swim Time:

Closing Ceremony:

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