880 Brenthaven Celebrates with ECPAT

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

December is perhaps the busiest month of the year. Everyone is out and about. We all have to prepare christmas presents, we have christmas parties to go to, but happiness does not come from what we get, but what we give. Christmas is doing something extra for those who do not get to receive much. We are still at the height of celebrating the holidays and today’s sponsors were from Brenthaven’s Manila office. Brenthaven is a Seattle based company which has all range of durable bags from backpacks to laptop bags, bike bags, and others. In addition to the Brenthaven employees, Kuya Tim and his friends also wanted to share with the children of Ecpat. Ecpat stands for End Child Prostitution and Trafficking. There are currently seven girls living in the Expat house. Aside from these girls Ecpat also provides assistance to the children in the nearby communities.

There were a lot of volunteers for the day’s activity. As an icebreaker game we played “Do You Love Me?” the volunteers formed a big circle and the “it” person would ask someone form the circle “Do you love me?” If the person answers yes then everybody had to scramble and find a their spot at the circle. The person who didn’t have a spot would be the next “it”. If the persons answers no, then he would give a category and those who fell within the category would scramble around. For instance if he says those wearing blue, then everyone wearing blue had to scramble around and find a new spot at the circle. Everyone was laughing as they moved around and tried to fit into the circle as fast as they could.

After the icebreaker game We divided the volunteers and kids into several groups. They were Team Apple, Team Jollibee, Team Glenn and friends, Team Passion, and Team Spaghetti. The first game we played was the paper cup challenge. We gave out 45 cups per group and we specified how many pyramids the groups had to do make. The team that finished the fastest got a point. Team Glenn and friends were very enthusiastic and they were the winners for that game. Despite coming from a night shift everyone from Brenthaven still had extremely high level of energy. Most of them came straight from work and hadn’t gotten the chance to sleep yet.

After the first game we got to watch a wonderful magic show. The children watched in delight as our magician did several tricks including colorful cloths coming out from pouches, lighting lots of candle at the same time, and doves coming out from nowhere.

After the wonderful show we played our second game, the Paper Clip Challenge. Each member was given paper clips. Kuya Glenn asked questions that had numerical answers. Whatever the correct answer was the teams had to link that much paper clips using only one hand. We gave questions like how many days till Christmas, colors of the rainbow, and other mathematical questions. The Brenthaven employees were really energetic. Team Apple got the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time.

The last game we played was Act a Video. We gave them a scenario and the team members had to act out the scene as if they were in a video. They had to act a Caroling scene, beach, basketball game, and going to the mall. It was fun to watch as some of the teams even sang at the Caroling scene. Some of the kids had fun depicting the basketball scene as they were dribbling around.

After all the activities everyone got to enjoy their hearty fried chicken lunch. The children then received gift packs from Kuya Tim and his friends. There were food items and notebooks in the gift packs. Brenthaven then gave out two storybooks to our children. We want to thank Ate Rej and the rest of Brenthaven Manila for not only sponsoring the day’s event but also for the cash donations they gave to Ecpat.

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