140 Institute of Internal Auditor’s Mural Workshop with World Vision

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Book Value showed much impact to all participants. We achieved our main goal of putting up a new and exciting library for H. Francisco Elementary School and encourage the kids on the value of learning and being creative. We also saw joyful hearts and fulfilled spirits of 60 mostly first time volunteers who came from partner and sponsor, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

U! Happy Events partnered with World Vision for the second time- and they proved to be a reliable and efficient partner. They connected us to the school and help us prepare the small and big details of this event. “When you have a partner like them, you feel assured”, says Kuya Harvard.

We started the event with our artist, Robby Singh preparing the wall of the library for mural. The walls came to life after 4 hours. We also invited 5 pairs to participate in coloring during the break time. “We wanted to involve some kids on the mural so they would feel that they were part in making it”, says Eric Pineda, head of the organizing team from sponsor IIA.

To connect the value of books, we had two games. Regalo or Bayong and How High Can You Go. Regalo or Bayong became a short game after revealing the first question about Rapunzel’s hair. Only 6 pairs were left from 47. After round 3, we had a winner. How High Can You Go was a game of stock knowledge. We divided everyone into 7 groups with each group separating the volunteers and the kids. The answers of kids were worth twice or 2 points.

We had a short break after for Photobooth, Brunch, Profile Exchange and preparation for Creative Presentations. The presentation was the main activity. This will be a test of creativity among the 7 groups. “Everyone in the team must be utilized”, Ate Macky, one of the hosts mentions.

They had to pick one location and category and act it out. Here are they:

1. Impeachment Trial with CJ Corona, Juan Ponce Enrile, Miriam Santiago, Senators, Lawyers
2. Walang Hanggan with Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Helen Gamboa and other stars
3. NBA Finals with Lebron James, Kevin Durant and the Fans
4. Boxing- Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, Managers and the Fans
5. American Idol with Jessica Sanchez, Philip Philips, Judges and the Fans
6. NAIA Terminal 3 with Claudine Barreto, Raymart Santiago, Mon Tulfo, Cebu Pacific Staff and friends
7.- Bahay ni Kuya with Pinoy Big Brother Housemates Myrtle, Karen, Roy, Joj, Jai and other teens/viewers.

1. Drama
2. Action
3. Horror
4. Suspense
5. Adventure
6. Comedy
7. Musical

We had a magic show after the break by Kuya Kobe. The kids were very participative and appreciative at the same time. The presentations were next and we had one of the heads of IIA as judge and announce the winner. We gave each team two minutes. Each team had its strengths to show- but one group showed much glue and fit. The winning team was group 4 who picked Boxing and Adventure together.

We close the event with much joy from everyone. IIA also gave out school supplies with matching bags for all the kids. Oh and we had balot too! Thank you also to H. Francisco Elementary School for allowing us to be involved with their students. And to Nestle Crunch for the additional goodies.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events