654 Beiersdorf’s Active Fun with Precious Heritage Children

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Glyza Loleng
Edited by Board Member, Ate Ren dela Cruz

It’s the first Saturday of December and we were fully booked with events, as expected. Just a few days from now, we are going to celebrate the longest holiday in the country, a season filled with much love and gratitude. That Saturday, Beiersdorf collaborated with U! Happy Events to be a channel of blessing to our 25 lovable kids from Precious Heritage Children held in Active Fun, Fort Bonifacio.

The Beiersdorf Company is a global company with more than 150 affiliates worldwide, focusing on skin care. Their products include Nivea, Eucerin, La Prairie and more. The Beiersdorf staff were very hands-on in the event, wanting to interact personally and be actively involved in every part of the event. Because of this, they established a strong rapport with the kids. As we gathered them altogether, Kuya Harvard together with Kuya Ali started on the program, with everyone excited. It started with a simple “how do you say hello in your language?” as we were multiracial in the party room. Hello is “Halo” in Indonesian and German, “Bonjour” in Belgian, and of course “Kamusta!” in Tagalog.

To get everyone acquainted they were all divided into five groups, and started introducing themselves to each other. We then started with our first game which was called “Shape It Up”, where they received a sky blue long lace to be shaped according to Kuya Harvard’s command — and the hosts then roam around to give their critical and funny judgments. The groups were asked to do diamonds, stars, Christmas tree, snowman and a ham, and one of the staff named Kuya Mark had his unique idea in creating his own version that made everyone giggle. But of course, all the groups gave their full effort throughout the game.

Next up was entertainment—and who doesn’t love magic? It was time to relax for a bit and everyone watched the magic tricks performed by Kuya Ferdie the magician. They were all focused as the show went on. Maybe they were wondering “how does it happen?” — and the children and adults alike found the magic show to be an amazing part of the program.

After the magical show, it was a test of the kids’ artistic creativity through our workshop on Clay Art / Cupcake Design. The kids together with the Ate’s and Kuya’s were given only 30 minutes to finish it. The end result for all the designs were all good, with the kids having such a colorific afternoon.

Lunch time was next but before that we gave thanks to our Maker through prayer, led by two adorable kids. We then savoured the mouth-watering food to satisfy our hungry tummies. Bon Appetit! 

The most awaited time for the kids was then announced after the meal—and that was to play in Active Fun’s giant playhouse. The children didn’t know where to start or where to go when they entered, with such a huge play space in front of them. In their minds, they were probably thinking “I’m gonna enjoy this time and be merry! Catch me if you can!” It was lovely watching them.

The program’s final moment came when we needed to part ways. The kids received their presents from their Ate’s and Kuya’s and they gave back a tight, powerful hug showing how grateful they were for getting this kind of experience. Time is everything. Time is a gift indeed, and we’d like to thank Beiersdorf for sharing theirs! 🙂

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