243 Emerson’s Beat Box Workshop with Tahanan ng Pagmamahal

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

We partnered with BEAT’ABOX Philippines for our first musical instrument workshop. We do have plans to introduce others in the near future. We also got to donate the cajon, a box-shaped percussion to the boys of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal. This originated from Peru and is played by slapping the front face with one’s hands.

BEAT’ABOX team introduced a fresh drumming concept to give music a unique heartbeat. No prior drumming experience was needed as the boys got to catch up fast. They all had a keen learning attitude. We started from basic to playing a few up beat songs. The volunteers also got the chance to learn the cajon.

Besides the workshop, we played two games. The first one was more of an ice breaker. We partnered the kids and volunteers from Emerson Philippines randomly to play Body Works. In this game, volunteers had to connect different parts of their body to the kids continuously from different set of commands. Surprisingly, 4 pairs survived until the last one. Yes, the Ates and Kuyas were very competitive.

The second game was only for the volunteers. Ate vs Kuya. The boys had to cheer for their respective partners to get their prizes. Pass the Charades turned out to be both entertaining and funny. Members of each team had to pass an animal through just acting from one person to the other. The Ates won by a slim one point after much rivalry.

Besides the cajon as our donation to the center, Emerson also gave school supply sets to the boys. Tahanan ng Pagmamahal is a Christ-centered community of orphaned, abandoned, abused children, compassionate staff and volunteers, bound by love and faith, preparing the children to grow up as God-loving and civic-minded individuals.

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