293 Ate Te’s and Kuya Glenn’s Basketball Clinic with Gawad Kalinga Cainta

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It’s no secret that Basketball has taken over as the Philippine’s national sport. This is seen through the presence of basketball courts in almost all barangays in the country. We took the time to equip further the passion of the GK boys in this sport by running a morning clinic. U! Happy Events was fortunate to have Kuya Mikko, an Ateneo Alumni and Kuya Frank, a former player of Ateneo Blue Eagles spend time with the 22 kids.

Ate Te Candano, our president, planned this event for boyfriend, Kuya Glenn Costales. He is obviously a big basketball fan. This was not only a celebration with kids but also for Kuya Glenn’s 30th birthday.

They did everything from drills to an actual game. What made it more interesting was the sharing of Kuya Mikko and Kuya Frank on the value of hard work, discipline and prayers. We had lunch and gift giving after. We also took the time to select 6 boys who will take care of the 6 balls we donated. It was not an easy task but we wanted to teach kids the value of trust and leadership as well.

Thank you to our long time sponsor and supporter, Funlipix for the photo booth! :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events