163 Chef Paul’s Bake Date with Bahay Maria

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Chef Paul our partner for early this year’s Bake Date took time once again to share his time, talents and treasures to bless children. This time it was an orphanage in Bahay Ni Maria. We were with this group of kids just last July when we celebrated the birthday of one of our volunteers, Ate Nikki Ngui.

The kids were eager to meet volunteers early on. When our core team arrived first to set-up, the kids started reaching out to us and were chatting with us endlessly. This also explains why we were dancing at the start even before most of the volunteers arrived. One of the sisters who manage the orphanage even told them- “Don’t get too excited”.

We had interesting activities for this Bake Date. Chef Paul started doing demonstration with the help of some kids for pastilas and truffles. The process of making them were made easy. Minutes after we got to try out the finish products. Yum!

We followed the demo with cupcake decorating. Each of the 5 groups of kids and volunteers had the opportunity to design their own- using materials supplied by the team of Chef Paul. Some groups even designed their cupcakes in one theme.

After that we had a food game. We prepared 12 kinds of fruits and vegetables. The kids were lined up blind folded. The task was interesting- figure out the food they ate without seeing what they were. The kids responded positively. The best group was able to guess all except one! We also encouraged the kids to continue to eat fruits and vegetables.

We had lunch then a dance to cap off a morning well spent. We danced our theme song “Happy” and “Gangham Style” as requested by the kids.

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