Bahay Aruga

Partner type: Hospital/Halfway House  

Partnership Started April 16, 2016

BAHAY ARUGA – Pediatric Cancer patients half-way house in Manila, Philippines.

The house is patterned after the Ronald McDonald House in the US, Singapore, Australia, etc.

The house will provide free accomodation to Pediatric Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy at the Philippine General Hospital which is just a few minutes walk from the House. Most of these patients live outside Metro Manila and travel to Manila to get the best cancer treatment not available in the provinces.

At present, Outpatient cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy/medical treatment stay and spend the night on the pavement or sidestreet of the hospital. PGH doesnt have the facility to accomodate them. Using cartons and other improvised materials as their beds, these children spend the night outside the hospital and worst, mosquitoes enjoy “partying” with these patients.

1131 San Marcelino Street, Ermita Manila, Philippines

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