458 Atty. Joshua Celebrates with National Center for Mental Health

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Atty. Joshua Santiago partnered with us for the first time back in December 2011. He has then celebrated annually with Tahan- Tahanan together with his family and friends from the choir group, Coro Contabile. We consider much success when our sponsors directly support our partner beneficiaries.

This happy event was extra special for Atty. Joshua. It was his 40th! He was joined by his immediate family including his wife and 4 wonderful children. His parents and siblings, friends, office mates and of course Coro Contabile joined the celebration as well. We were with 45 children from 3 centers: National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), ECPAT (End Child Pornography and Trafficking) who visits NCMH and Operation Blessing community kids in Pasig.

The afternoon to night was filled with life from a string of activities we prepared for all who attended. We started with a powerful welcome with my co tandem, Kuya Archie of Coro Contabile. It dictated the energy the whole time for Pag-Asa Hall.

As part of U! Happy Events norm we got everyone acquainted with one another. We assigned 3 children per table and got them instantly partnered with all the guests. We got them to share 3 questions: their name, favorite color and who their best friend is. This we believe is essential in breaking the ice and getting familiar with their groups.

We had one creative, team work and speed based game next. It was called Bring Me Art. It is currently one of our most popular games. Here, we get individuals to bring the item by cutting paper. To score a point, the whole team should raise the item up first from their seats. Each member should raise his or her own unique creation.

After dinner, we had two entertainment numbers. First was popular magician, Leodini. I have personally watch hundreds of magic shows. This one was probably one of the funniest and animated ones I have seen. Second was the singing group Coro Contabile. They sang 3 songs acapella style. It was vibrant yet refreshing to hear.

Atty. Joshua was finally called in front. Before we sang a Happy Birthday, he shared his testimony on how he met his best friend, Jesus Christ. He recalls the first encounters and how much he has valued Him throughout the years. It has been 26 years since.

The night ended with each of the 45 children receiving so much blessings from Atty. Joshua’s family. Each one received hygiene kits, school supplies, goodies and a Bible. Thank you Atty. Joshua for such a memorable night. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events