485 Ate Winnie’s Dance Workshop with Manila Boys Town

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

What’s the best way to celebrate your birth year? Celebrate it with the young ones! Ate Winnie Abesamis celebrated her 40th birthday with energetic people doing energetic stuff! Yes, the room was filled with great energy as thirty four (34) kids of Manila Boystown Complex and twenty five (25) volunteers of U! Happy Events joined together to play and to dance with the golden girl!

It was April 9, 2015 when U! Happy Events went to Manila Boystown Complex to make Ate Winnie’s golden birthday a very memorable one. The quiet space became a room filled with excitement and happiness as everyone waited for the program to start.

The event formally started by dividing volunteers and kids into five (5) groups. Group members were instructed to introduce with one another by sharing their name, favorite song, and favorite singer. Kuya Harvard asked random volunteers and kids the information they shared to their group-mates. And some were even asked to perform their favorite song. As a result of this, Daniel, James, and Angelo serenaded the crowd with their rendition of “Kislap ng ‘yong Mata”.

As everyone was entertained, it’s time to generate a level of competitiveness for them to really feel the value of their group. A screaming game was done. The objective is very simple – group with the loudest scream wins the game. Group 2 was declared the winner of this simple competition.

The next game was Hula Together. In this game, group tries to bring down the hula hoop to the ground together by using only one finger each. This game requires a proper coordination and cooperation. Group 1 was declared winner for this game.

Right after the game, storytelling came in next. And because the intensity level brought out by the game was so high, we were assured that kids and volunteers will really listen attentively and will cooperate well with our story teller. Ate Dyaly, our story teller, read “Si Emang Engkantada at ang Tatlong Haragan”. The story was about the fairy teaching valuable lessons to Pat Kalat (the garbage maker), Pol Putol (the plant destroyer) and Paz Waldas (the electricity consumer). The story was told animatedly for kids to appreciate and to absorb the essence of this story published by Adarna Publishing.

Time to dance! Our very own ate Ren Dela Cruz taught our volunteers and kids the routine for “Uptown Funk”. It was an energetic song therefore it requires right amount of energy and attitude for every movement. Everyone did exert great amount of energy and effort for this activity. At the end of the dance workshop, Kuya Harvard called on three best dancers. They are Peter, JR, and Daniel.

To officially close the event, distribution of gifts and picture taking, and hugging were made. Truly, this golden birthday will forever be cherished by ate Winnie. We wish her abundant energy and overflowing joy all throughout the year and for years to come!

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U! Happy Events