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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Written by Board Member, Ate Issa Gayatin

There was a large fire happened in a residential area in Muntinlupa City on a Wednesday morning last April 19, 2017. The fire also caused a nearby power transmission tower to lean on one side. It was sad day because it caused many people there homeless.

Days after that, on the morning of April 22,2017, the U! Happy team together with the generous sponsor of that day, Ate Verns Quintana, visited the kids of IT Tender and celebrated Ate Bianca Mana’s birthday. Majority of the kids in IT Tender were the victims of the big fire and they thought this was a good way to somehow reach out to them.

Ate Bianca was not aware that her friend Ate Verns, together with her family and other friends, prepared this event for her. And so as soon as she got into the place, she was immensely surprised by the sight of her family and friends.

The event was hosted by ate Amy. A total of 35 kids and 8 volunteers were present. When the kids and volunteers were all settled in, Ate Amy called the volunteers in front to introduce themselves. The kids welcomed them warmly.

Afterwards, Ate Amy grouped everyone into 5 teams to prepare them for the in and out game. In this game, each team will be given hula hoops. Then teams figure out how many people where to be inside ( and outside) of the hula hoops. The game host will give specific numbers as to how many people will be inside and out. The fastest team to do the task wins.

There were loads of laughter as the game commenced. It was nice to see the kids smiling and somehow forgetting the tragedy of the big fire. Team 2 won in this game, getting back after so many loses in the first rounds.

Then it was time for another fun activity which is the Magic show of kuya Mac. All were very excited to witness this heart-stopping activity. Kuya Mac performed the tricks in a swiftly manner. He has clearly mastered this show. He even included the kids in the magic show. The kids and the volunteers were very happy.

The activities left all very hungry, and so Ate Amy called for lunch. The U! Happy team then distributed the prepared meals for all the participants. Ate Verns brought a huge chocolate cake for Ate Bianca. We all sang happy birthday to Ate Bianca. She was vibrant and full of energy. We then distributed the cake for everyone to consume.

Afterwards, Ate Bianca gathered all the kids and handed each one the school supplies as give aways of the memorable event. We had photo op and the kids gave hugs and kisses to the volunteers as they bid their goodbyes.

Thank you Ate Verns and Ate Bianca for spending this joyful event to the IT Tender kids. Thank you also for your generously giving and partnering with the U! Happy team. This event have surely brought big smiles and memorable memories to last a lifetime.

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