794 Ate Trizia’s No Sew Sock Stuffed Toy with Ospital ng Makati

Friday, August 5, 2016

Written by Secretary, Ate Ren dela Cruz

For a lot of people, hospitals are a place filled with pain or sickness, and brings about an uncomfortable feeling to most. But for the brave young children of Ospital ng Makati, hospitals serve as a place for healing, and even joy–especially when they feel much love from visitors who intentionally visit and make sure they are cared for.

Last August 5, after our two-day mural painting of Ospital ng Makati’s Pediatric Wing, we visited for another day of happiness with the kids currently confined there. Sponsoring the event was Ate Zia, who chose to celebrate her 18th birthday not through an extravagant debut, but through a party that impacted the lives of those who need care the most.

We began by encouraging the kids, their parents, and our volunteers to bond through our getting-to-know activity that we did per group. Perhaps one of the most impactful statements during this segment was when a kid answered that in 5 years, he would be completely healed from sickness. This set the tone for a meaningful time between everyone present.

Next up was a simple game called Shape Me Up, where Kuya Harv asked each group to form the shape he asked for. It was a fun time seeing the kids in action, even forming the shape of a man to depict president Duterte. A balloon twisting workshop and show soon followed, keeping the kids’ energy up as they attempted to make various shapes. There were also quite a few balloons that popped!

For our main workshop, we called on U! happy’s resident artist ate Blanca, who happily taught the day’s activity which was stuffed sock toys. With plain socks, fiber fill, ribbons and colored pens, we created stuffed toys from scratch! It was amazing to see the kids and their parents really doing their best to create the toys, but much more it was so fulfilling to see their sweet smiles.

Jollibee lunch soon followed, and once everyone’s tummies were satisfied we then distributed a special gift to each kid, from ate Zia. To end such a special day, we greeted ate Zia a very happy birthday, grateful she chose to celebrate with the kids of Osmak. We capped off the event with a group photo, after which the kids hugged each volunteer, a testament of their appreciation for remembering them and being a light of hope and care amidst the battles they were facing.

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