655 Ate Tracy’s Egg Shaker with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Glyza Loleng
Edited by Board Member, Ate Ren dela Cruz

When planning a birthday celebration, some take little time and some just make quick decisions. Some plan to have a long weekend out of town, or a full blast night party, but the one who sponsored that Saturday’s December 5 event was Ate Tracy Abad, a sophisticated, talented and pretty DJ who chose to celebrate her day along with kids of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation.

Ate Tracy invited her friends and family to be part of her day and to extend their loving arms to our dearest children. We were all delighted seeing them as excited as can be. They were then grouped accordingly by Kuya Harvard and the game began shortly after. Ice cream and fishball carts were also in the corner for everyone to enjoy, as much as they wanted!

As they were in their respected groups, they started to introduce themselves as part of building trust and teamwork. Our first game was called “Press and Tap”, a relay game that will test everyone’s capability to communicate properly by simply using their hands. When Kuya Harvard asked to do “tap”, the participants will just use their thumbs, raise the hula hoop on the last member and when it’s “press” they had to squeeze it tightly and ring the hula hoops at the end. The team to do it fastest and correctly will win the game.

Right communicating was the test for our first game, while our next game measured how fast we can fit ourselves in the ring from end to end, continuously without using the hands. The groups were asked to queue sideward with hands held together. And when they started to move, they were like wiggly worms trying to go inside the ring! It was such a great laugh indeed! Everyone displayed such great teamwork!

Finally, Kuya Robby, our art master prepared his little cute Maracas made from Plastic Easter Eggs for the kids to make noise with! He demonstrated step by step on how to do it. Little by little, the kids built their own two little colorful improvised maracas with their ate’s and kuya’s, and were ready to use these to sing their jingles and Christmas carols.

Before ending the event, they had their meals and received their presents from ate Tracy and company! And in exchange, the adorable kids using their handmade maracas sang a happy birthday! Ate Tracy was even more surprised when she saw that there was a cake ready for her. It is true when they say that when you are a channel of blessings and you’ll be blessed abundantly. Thank you ate Tracy!

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