927 Ate Tracy’s Crown Making with Childhaus

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Written by Vice President for Internal, Ate Charmain Tan

Today was the birthday celebration of Teacher Tracy. She had an event with us last November with her students and the children of Metro World Child. Today she celebrated her birthday with her husband and friends at Childhaus Manila. It serves as a halfway house for children with cancer. Childhaus was founded by Ricky Reyes, while SM president Hans Sy donated this six-story building more than a year ago in Paco, Manila. Parents and guardians of the children also stay with them in this home while they are undergoing treatment. There is as young as one year old child currently staying in the home. It is always heartbreaking to see the children so little and yet have an uphill battle waiting for them. They are all undergoing chemo treatment and have been in and out of hospitals. We also thank Childhaus for providing a home for them in this difficult time as some of the children are from the province. As the kids came down they were all excited to participate in the activities for the day.

We started the day with a prayer song headed by our celebrant Ate Tracy. The children and moms sang with her as we prayed. The volunteers then introduced themselves by talking about their profession and demonstrating their favorite dance step. Some of them were shy at first but others were very energetic. One of Ate Tracy’s friends, Kuya Anthony, was a professional photographer and he took wonderful photos and videos of the event.

We divided everyone into 3 groups. The groups were Justice League with the bubbly and energetic Ates Tracy and Kacy, Team Childhaus with Ate Marge, and the third group of kids were joined by Kuya Bro, Ate Nikki and her two children. The volunteers got to know the children and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Most of them wanted to be pilot, teacher, and soldier. After getting to know one another we played a Math Trivia Relay game. Each team formed a circle and they were given paper cups and straws. We then would give a mathematical equation and the answer to that problem was the number of paper cups they had to pass around using the straws. For instance, if the answer was five, the teams had to pass five paper cups to one another using the straws. The last person in the group would put the cups in the center representing the correct number. Two of the teams were very competitive as they finished within seconds of one another. In the end it was the team of Ates Tracy and Kacy who won that game.

For our next activity we watched the spectacular performance of one of our popular magician Kuya Kobe. He did his famous tricks like doves flying out from pouches and rabbit popping out from a platter. He also did his moving board trick where he drew a face on a white board and the eyes and mouth of the face would magically move. Kuya Liam and the rest of the kids laughed so loud as they kept pointing to the face saying “It’s moving!” He also did his bottle and glass trick where he covered a bottle and a glass with two cylinders and asked the kids to guess where the glass was as he kept switching the position of the two cylinders. The kids kept pointing to the wrong one and in the end he kept puling out bottles from the cylinders and the glass had magically disappeared. He ended his performance with the flying table as he got the adorable volunteer Kuya Liam to help him out.

After the magic show our artist Kuya CJ taught the kids how to make crowns. He was dressed in a Prince Eric costume which delighted the kids. Some of the parents came up to Kuya CJ to have their kids have photos taken with him. The jeweled crowns were happily worn by the children and even their parents as we took photos of them with their ates and kuyas.

After the fun filled morning we had our hearty pancit malabon and barbecue lunch. Ate Tracy promised the kids she will definitely be back to visit them and they will always be in her prayers. We gave out storybooks as prizes for the group winner of the game. Ate Tracy and her friends also gave out lots of gifts for the kids. They gave T-shirts, Potchi loot bags filled with sweet treats, slippers, toys, and never ending supply of candies and cookies from the Potchi company. They also gave donations to the center like baby feeding bottles, baby carriers, clothes, toys and others. We once again thank Teacher Tracy, her husband Kuya Allan, and the rest of her friends for spending their day with the children of Childhaus. As they say, sometimes heroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.

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