344 Ate Timmy’s Manila Zoo with UNO Kids

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was our third visit to the old zoo in Manila. Am sure you have heard about this place. It is definitely one of the landmarks in our capital. Adventurous Ate Timmy Caparros got a number of her friends to partner with 20 kids of UNO for a field trip.

We started the hot afternoon with an orientation to make sure volunteers and kids got acquainted and ready. We gave everyone 40 minutes to see different animals of the wild including the popular Mali. Mali is now 36 years old.

Next stop was Kinder Zoo. Here certain animals like wild boar, parrots, horse, turtles are more free. They are not caged and one can take photos with them. Check out some photos with our fearless kids!

We got everyone gathered a the party barn for the last stop. Here we got to serve merienda after a lot of walking, learning and discovery. We also got to sing for Ate Timmy! She was so clueless of our surprise song.

Before our memorable picture, we got to distribute school supplies to the kids. See you on our next event. We might have another field trip theme by September. :)

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