401 Ate Stan’s Muay Thai Workshop with Backstreet Kids

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

November 29, 2014 was the coronation night of the recently-concluded Miss Earth 2014, which was held here in the Philippines. While people from around the world gathered to see beauty queens competing with each other for the title, we – volunteers of U! Happy Events together with Backstreet Kids – gathered to celebrate the birthday of one of the Miss Earth candidates, Stan Burgos.

Ate Stan chose to celebrate her birthday by providing kids Muay Thai lesson at La Mesa Ecopark, which houses different nature-related activities and environmental awareness projects. One would tell that nature is indeed one of her advocacies. Two objectives can be observed in this event: First, to develop kid’s consciousness to nature; and second, to develop physical discipline.

The event started with face painting followed by the introduction proper and orientation of programs. To fully understand and appreciate nature, kids and volunteers toured around the Eco Park. Everyone learned a lot of different nature-related trivia from the said tour. Unfortunately, we only spent half of the entire tour due to a sudden rainfall, which reminded us that we are under Mother Nature’s realm.

Muay Thai session followed. We hired professional Muay Thai trainers/Mixed Martial Arts fighters Dindo and Ryan to teach kids and volunteers proper execution of the said art. Many of them (kids and volunteers) performed really well with their power kicks ad power punches. Definitely, they can defend themselves whenever they need to.

The event was concluded with a group game, profile exchange, school supplies distribution, group photos, and exchanges of hugs. Kids went home happy and satisfied bearing with them new lessons learned from the event. And as for our beauty queen, she went home with fulfillment – an achievement that no crown could ever give.

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