784 Ate Sofia’s Enchanted Kingdom with IT Tender

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Written by Board Member, Kuya Matthew Chua

For most girls, turning 18 should be accompanied with grand and lavish party surrounded by friends, family, and well-wishers. It is about being the star of the night and a princess wearing a beautiful gown. The night is dedicated only for her. Hence, the story that you will about to read is the opposite.

July 16, 2016, Saturday, was Sofia Torres’ advance 18th birthday celebration. She chose to celebrate this very special occasion by bringing twenty five (25) kids of International Teams Tender to Enchanted Kingdom while tagging along her entire family and a bunch of friends – 16 of them.

Sofia’s team gathered at Metrowalk in Pasig and was assisted by me; kids prepared with excitement at International Teams Tender in Alabang with ate Amy; while kuya Japs went straight to Enchanted Kingdom and secured the place.

When all volunteers were completed, we hit on the road to fetch the kids. When we get there, we saw how excited those kids are. We were told that it is their first time to visit Enchanted Kingdom and are very grateful that they were chosen. Volunteers were given an orientation and kids were then seated next to them. When we were almost near the place and the picturesque structure could easily be seen from afar, kids became loud and very excited. It showed confirmation that it was indeed their first time.

Upon reaching the venue, we got down the place, stayed at the waiting area for our tickets, then went inside to have lunch and to finally enjoy the place. Volunteers and kids were given enough time to explore the different attractions that Enchanted Kingdom has to offer.

The team gathered again for miryenda. Kids and volunteers sang a “Happy Birthday” song for Ate Sofia. Sofia gave her message to her guests and expressed how thankful she was for the support she got from her family and her friends.

The fun continued for the last time when some of our volunteers and kids decided to try the jaw-dropping rocket launcher. It was one brave move and they didn’t regret it. That decision even gave them so much bragging rights. Imagine how accomplished they were after experiencing that ride.

It was time to go home. The team gathered near the exit gate to have a group photo with the tagline, “The magic lives on!”. Kids then gave hugs to their ates for spending a day with them. We went inside our bus, Sofia distributed her gifts for the kids, and gave her final message. And upon reaching International Teams Tender, the family turned over their donation – additional books for the library. It was a very memorable 18th birthday that I ever experienced myself. Sure thing, it will forever be engraved in the heart of those kids.

I asked Sofia to give her own reflection regarding her one-of-a-kind 18th birthday celebration and here it is: For everyone’s 18th birthday, there was always a big celebration – and that is definitely what I got. I wanted to do something big but I wanted it to be different. I wanted my 18th to mean something and with the help of U! Happy Events, all that was possible. My mom bugged me for so long asking me what to do for my debut and it struck me that I’m already so blessed so why don’t I take this opportunity to share it to others? Planning with the team was very easy and I got exactly what I wanted. They found an amazing community of kids who deserved one day of just pure happiness. I’ve had my share of birthday parties and now it’s their turn. It was fun treating them out on their very first trip to Enchanted Kingdom. Fun for them and for us as well! Seeing the smiles on their faces and just the whole bonding experience made the heat and tiredness definitely worth it. I realized that even just for a little while giving happiness to other people is the greatest gift you could give to them and yourself as well. Best birthday ever!

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