558 Ate Shirleen Celebrates with Childhaus

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

We made our fourth visit at Childhaus on August 8 to celebrate Ate Shirleen Gan’s birthday with kids fighting against cancer. We had 28 patients who joined us, and while some underwent chemotherapy just a day before and were feeling weak, their parents gave a great boost to the event as they themselves gamely involved in the activities.

First off, the volunteers introduced themselves to the kids and their parents in a superhero fashion. One volunteer was chosen for having the most impressive introduction, and the rest were made to dance before they joined their designated groups.

After a quick getting to know session, it was time for our first game – puzzles! We distributed large jigsaw puzzles of U! Happy group photos to each group which they raced to put together. We rotated the puzzles among the teams until they all had a try completing the four different picture puzzles. This was a very engaging activity that showed the competitive side not only of the kids and the volunteers but also of the parents. In the end, the team with the most number of puzzles solved won.

The kids were given time to rest as we ushered them to the highlight of the day which was a bubble show. Our bubble man showed us a mesmerizing performance creating giant bubbles, bubbles that bounce on bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, and more kinds of bubbles, which some kids joyfully burst! :D For the finale, kids and their partner Ate and Kuya were called to step into the puddle of soap for a chance to be inside a gigantic bubble!

Our bubble man had to go but the fun had just begun, so we played another game called Show Me Your Face, where the teams had to make convincing facial expressions based on a category given to them. Kuya Harvard asked them to portray with their faces different feelings like being scared, tired, and even constipated! Core team members were made to choose the best teams and it was Group 2 who eventually won.

After a child led us in a short prayer, food and cupcakes were distributed to the teams which they shared over stories and conversations. We also gave them profile exchange forms with which the volunteers and the patients wrote messages for each other.

We culminated the afternoon with the customary group photos but not before the volunteers gave their gifts to the children. Pillows were handed out, as well as toys and storybooks that some volunteers brought. The kids expressed thanks by giving their Ates and Kuyas warm hugs before they went inside the house.

Many thanks to Ate Shirleen for choosing to spend her special day by inspiring hope and encouraging the children and their parents! These fighters needed to know that they are not alone in their battle, so we are grateful even to Ate Shirleen’s family and friends and all the other walk-in volunteers for taking the time to uplift the spirits of the children that day. We hope to see you again in our next events! :)

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