834 Ate Shiela’s Pen & Paper Year 5 with Sparrow Music

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

Since moving to the United States some years back, U! Core Member Ate Lhai has always endeavored to put together events whenever she visits the Philippines around this time of the year. She’s always been enthused about celebrating her birthday month with her family and with the children from our partner organizations.

This year, Ate Lhai took her event and her friends to Sparrow Music Learning Center located in Payatas, Quezon City to kick-start a pair of celebrations. Sparrow Music is a non-government organization supporting children in this community by providing discipleship activities through year-round music lessons.

Even before the festivities started, it was already quite the adventure getting to the venue with all the volunteers, we in the Core Team included, visiting Sparrow Music for the first time. God’s generous grace was in display though as he directed our way just in time.

50 kids assembled in the early afternoon gathering. Despite being an hour apt for a daylight nap, the kids were brimming with energy for the set of games ahead.

Together with Ate Lhai were Kuya Brandon, Kuya Beaver and Ate Muchik, as well as Ate Anne and Ate Emjay from our Core Team. They first introduced themselves to the kids by showcasing a little bit of their favorite dance move. They were then distributed into four (4) teams where the kids returned the favor by getting acquainted with their kuyas/ ates. To get them into the whole team spirit, they also got to pick their team names

There was no warm up needed for the day’s first game called the Hula Hoop Relay. We got right into it with one of the more exciting races from our roster of games. The teams lined up in this game with their hands joined together. The colorful hoops were then passed hurriedly over and around each member’s body from one end of the line to the other. The game was a race-to-2-points and Kuya Beaver’s team bested the others and won prizes for their kids.

The next game needed a little bit more finesse and precision with the Pass the Charades game. With the teams still assembled in a line, a secret word (category: animals) was passed to the first person. He/ she had to act it out for the next person to guess and on to the next, and so on. The last person in line then had to race up front to reveal what the word (or animal) was. Several rounds ensued with the animals changing midway in the teams’ lines as the kids and volunteers were acting them out (or at least trying to). It was confusing at times how they arrived at their answers but it just made the whole game that more fun and hilarious.

The last game was more familiar to everyone. We had the teams assemble closer together for the Paint Me a Picture game. Creativity and quick-thinking were called on in this contest as we gave categories for them to portray. This included a trip to the mall, a sunny day at the beach or a regular day in school. In the end, one team was the most convincing and the most thorough as they also won prizes for their kids.

The volunteers and kids finally sat down again to share a tasty snack. A crunchy and juicy chicken burger from a popular fast food was served with some Apple Pie for dessert. It was a much deserved meal for our competitive and bouncing set of volunteers and kids. Ate Lhai then handed out some school supplies to the kids as her parting gift

We wish to thank all our kuyas and ates for being such enthusiastic and willing volunteers. Happy birthday again, Ate Lhai! We wish you abundantly blessed years ahead for your family and your career. Till next time! J

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