727 Ate Sheryl’s Arts and Games with IT Tender

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Julie Tana

Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life. — Carrie Chapman Catt

This is a special volunteer event for me, because a friend with a generous heart chose to celebrate her birthday with the kids from I.T Tender Ministry. This event is even more special as some of our friends are joining us and this is our first volunteer bonding (hope there’s more to come, aja!).

Ate Sheryl (the birthday celebrant) together with our friends is excited to meet the kids and to facilitate the activities we prepared for the kids. The activities include games, arts, magic and gift giving.

And so the much-awaited day came. To start the day, we played Group Yourselves game and then four (4) groups were formed namely Team Great Vanessa, Team Sporty, Team Tiger and Team Faith. After the ice breaker game, we alloted time for the volunteers and kids to know each other by asking their favorite colors, games and the kids’ ambition when they grow up.

Pass the Message was the next activity and the category of the message to guess is animal. All must face backward, a representative per group received the message from the host, once he/she knew the message, he/she tap the back of his/her next group mate then acted the message, then the group mate tap the next member until the last member received the message and went to the front to relay the message. And the winner of this game is Team Faith.

Next activity was watching the Magic tricks. It was a very delightful sight to witness the amusement from the kids while The Magician did his tricks.

After the Magic show, the next activity was Paint Me a Picture which brought out the creativity of the volunteers and kids by portraying the given word (example: classroom) into a picture making themselves the actors and the actresses of the scenario. Team Great Vanessa won this game.

Everyone in the room was so happy with the activities. We rest for a while and had our group meal to recharge for the next activity.
Since Holy Week is coming, the next activity was the Bunny Mask making and the kids’ creativity was once again put into test. At the end of the activity, everyone had Bunny Mask as souvenir for this day.

Our Sunday ended with happiness, inspiration and positive vibes. Thank you Ate Sheryl for this kind of bonding. Again Happy Birthday to you our dearest Ate Sheryl.

The laughter from the kids and volunteers is contagious and we are looking forward that volunteerism will spread so fast and its spirit will inspire more persons to be involved in this unselfish and priceless act.

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