275 Ate Sherry Celebrates with Tuklasan

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Sherry has attended our events before. This Christmas she opted to do things quite different- to give to those who need it most. She filled up our create your own event form online and circled her calendar for this special day. 3 days before Christmas! She invited her family and a friend to make this day festive with 30 children from Tuklasan and partnered community in Tondo, Manila.

The morning started with our famous bring me art game. We started playing this game early this year and it has been a hit to the kids and volunteers. In this game, the group draws accurately what the game master request instead of bringing something in front. The whole team must draw the correct thing first to get a point. To see our collection of other 55 games, check the same link Ate Sherry used to do a happy event.

As the energy of the kids continue to fill up the venue, we got Ate Dyaly to facilitate our main activity- Story Telling workshop. Here we get the kids to learn how to tell a story to their audience. This enables them to be more confident, expressive and at the same time creative in their delivery. The same group in the games performed different stories to everyone.

We also invited Jollibee to perform. The kids and even our Ates and Kuyas love the mascot. The tuklasan boys led by Jeff also did a dance number to follow Jollibee’s string of performances. We gave story books to the kids. It was Ate Sherry’s gift. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events