445 Ate Sherrill Celebrates with UNO Kids

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

The love month had a great start for the children of UNO Kids as we had another blessing with them through our sponsor and birthday celebrant, Ate Sherrill Lagman. She contacted me a month ago, excited to have her first outreach. She was joined with her immediate family and some friends. We also got to invite students and some regular volunteers as well.

We jump started the activities by grouping everyone for getting to know. This enabled the kids to be more comfortable to the Kuyas and Ates they are meeting for the first time. We followed this with some dancing to the ones who repeated their favorite colors to their own groupings. That question was a test of listening.

We had a paint love game and challenged the volunteers and children’s perspective on different types of love: for country, for environment, for family, for those in need and to God. It was paint a picture focused on love. One team finally won after all scored a point each. It was also a game to show creativity and team work.

I also did a story telling for the first time. It was through the sweet request of Ate Sherrill. I shared an Adarna published book entitled I Won’t Wake Up in the Morning. I tried my best to be animated and get everyone’s attention.

The morning ended with lots gift giving, lots of photos and of course hugs. I look forward meeting the UNO kids once again and of course all the volunteers who were present that day.

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U! Happy Events