381 Ate Sheila’s Pen & Paper Year 3 with Right Start

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

For the third straight year, core member, Sheila de Leon Tracey celebrates with us on her birthday. In the last two years she has blessed Right Start despite her being overseas. Pen & Paper’s goal is to provide school supplies to children coinciding with an interactive event with them.

For this year we joined Jump Start, Right Start’s Christian outreach program for children 4-8 years old. After a round of praise dance and worship songs, Kuya Harvard organized the kids and volunteers for getting to know. Each one shared their names, favorite color and favorite game. This is key for us to get everyone acquainted.

Game called Blow Me UP followed after. The game was simple yet fun and competitive. Members of the team shape balloons together according to the size requested. All balloons has to be blown within the team. Ate Weng Cutangco, our treasurer lead this one.

Next was a short gospel sharing in the life of David. Most of the kids know him as the one who slayed Goliath. Kuya Harvard shared other attributes like he was a shepherd, a musician and a great follower of God. The lesson was that though David was young, he was already used by God.

Small group followed. Here we got to process what they have learned. Younger children got to design their own versions of David and Goliath. Check out their masterpiece below.

Before we parted ways with the kids, we got to distribute Ate Sheila’s gifts to the kids. She believes that the school supplies is an awesome tool to equip their future. 🙂

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