1058 Ate Sarah Celebrates with Backstreet Kids Pasig

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Written by: Ate Weng Cutangco-Delgado, Board of Director

It was rainy morning in some parts of Metro Manila but that didn’t stop Ate Sarah, her family and friends to celebrate her birthday with 50 kids from Backstreet Kids Pasig.

I got to talk to Ate Sarah before we started the event. I learned that it was her first time to do an outreach event for her birthday. She was very grateful that a friend told her about U! Happy Events because it made planning so much easier. 🙂

We started the event with the volunteers introducing themselves to the kids. They had to say their name, their favorite food and their favorite game. We then assigned them to be an Ate/Kuya to their respective groups. The volunteers and kids started to get to know everyone by sharing their favorite food and cartoon character.

They also thought of a group name — Team Happy, Team Powerful, Team Twice Black, to name a few.

The group was then treated to an amazing magic show by no other than Maestro (Kuya) Koby. He made birds come out from different things (from a hat, from a handkerchief). Ate Nikola (Ate Sarah’s pretty daughter) was also asked to participate during the fun magic show.

As if the kids were not yet pumped up, we played two more games to make the event for exciting. The first game was the Cups Games. This is when the math skills of the kids and volunteers were also put into the test. Haha! Next game was Reverse Charade where some acting skills were honed. The category for the charades was Professions. The kids and volunteers acted out the following professions — Police, Judge, Teacher, and a lot more!.

The kids were then treated to a cupcake decorating session. There were sprinkles, whipped cream, and stars to boost the kids’ creativity in making their cupcakes a unique one. 🙂

Next was the most fun part — Eating Time! Tuna pasta was served for merienda. Doughnuts brought by Ate Sarah’s friend were also served as additional dessert.

Being the kind-hearted person that she is, Ate Sarah encouraged her friends to do away with gifts (for her) but if they insisted, they were asked to give something for the kids. So, we had loot-bags for the kids, and a lot of toiletries (seemed like a sari-sari store showcase! Hahaha!) which turned over to Ate Angie who manages these activities for BSK Pasig.

U! Happy Events would like to thank Ate Sarah for choosing to celebrate her birthday with the kids. We hope a lot of her friends were inspired to do the same. Want to celebrate your birthday with U! also? Click here — www.uhappyevents.com/create.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events