548 Ate Sandi’s Mural Workshop for Ospital ng Makati

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

Ospital ng Makati once again played host to a vibrant event last Saturday with eager volunteers and kids. Over the last few months, the hospital had become home to a number of mural art created during past U! events.

The kids from the pediatric ward welcomed the friends and family members of Ate Sandi Suplido – a young professional who happened to be celebrating her birthday on the very same day.

Despite having an early start to the morning, around 15 kids gathered at one of the rooms in the pedia-section to meet their new kuyas and ates. Enthusiasm soon built up as the volunteers and kids started getting to know each other.

After a short orientation, the kids and volunteers were grouped into four (4) and were given time to get acquainted. Each one had to tell their name, what they do (for the volunteers), what they dream to become (for the kids) and of course being an art event, their favorite cartoon character. As these were being exchanged, everyone was starting to feel a little more comfortable with their new found friends.

The event carried on to a very unique game – Show Me Your Face. In this game, specific emotions/ situations were being given to the groups. They then had to express it with their faces. It sounded pretty simple at first but with scenarios like ‘super-hot weather,’ ‘freezing cold environment,’ and even a ‘bad case of diarrhea,’ the teams had their work cut out for them. Soon though, a winner came out by having the most dramatic expressions.

The mural art was next up for everyone. Kuya Robby, a professional artist, again had the privilege of working with the kids and volunteers for this event. He has been the chief artist in past mural creations throughout this children’s ward. He again accurately outlined pictures and characters from a popular animated movie. He also gave instructions on how to go about the entire painting activity as the kids and volunteers worked in pairs or groups of 3.

It wasn’t long before the whole room was brought to life with so much vividness. With some of the pairs/ groups finished, they sat down to spend more time with the kids. They were given storybooks which they excitedly read to their kids. The storybooks also became the parting gifts for the kids.

The event soon started to wind down with the kids and volunteers eating together for lunch. With everyone full, the whole group gathered for a final picture with their wonderful paintings as background. Ate Sandi got a surprise as well as everyone wished her a ‘happy birthday’ through a warm serenade.

Thank U! to Ate Sandi and her very cheerful family and friends. The mural added color to the room but it was their enthusiasm that brought them to life

Ate Sandi’s Testimonial

I especially liked the part of the outreach when we got to paint with the kids. I volunteered to work on a red Lightning McQueen car with Ashley. It’s like we were both working on a special project together. We bonded over colors, strokes and little chats about her family and favorite things.

I felt even happier when I looked behind me and saw all my own family and friends, laughing and sharing that moment with the other kids.

I thank U! Happy Events for giving us all the opportunity to do a unique outreach like this and I can’t wait to volunteer again!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events