754 Ate Sam’s Garland with QMMC

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was a pleasure hosting and organizing this event with Ate Sam Sy who shares the same birthday as I did. I was a bit late from our usual 45 minute call time before the event as I was enjoying my own celebration. It was definitely fitting for me to be surrounded by children on my special day. I am glad Ate Sam has the same sentiment as I do.

We started the hot afternoon by lining up the volunteers for some introduction and jumps. I requested each one to jump as much as they could to show how happy they were. Everyone did! That summed up how joyous this occasion was from start to finish.

Despite the children’s ailing position, they participated in what we prepared for them. The parents and guardians assisted us well throughout. Some of them were really into our activities.

After getting to know we had Body Works. In this challenging game, each pair tries their very best to connect one body part after the other. Am quite sure everyone should’ve been out even before the last set of commands. We gave each one who took part story books as prizes anyway.

Magic Show was a hit not just for children but also adults. Each one was glued to their seats, wathching attentively as Kuya unleashed his amazing tricks. Claps and cheers echoed through a usual dull and gloomy hospital corridors.

Our main activity arts was next. Kuya Robby waived his talent fee to teach for my birthday. Awww. I appreciate him for toiling and preparing for this event free of charge. He took time on our bare stage to explain step by step on how to make garlands. These will fit well to their hospital beds. It is designed to add color and charm to were they sleep and rest.

Next were food and gifts. Ate Sam and her friends distributed ‘mysterious’ happy packages to all the children. We ended with a group photo after and hugs sealed a wonderful afternoon full of happy memories.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events