331 Ate Sam Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Makati Coliseum was full of life once again as we celebrated Ate Sam Francisco’s 22nd birthday with kids of Virlanie Foundation. It was our 5th event with these kids this 2014. Our sponsor was with her family and supportive friends.

It was vibrant, energetic and happy morning as we had 4 games and a bubble show! As the volunteers and kids were teamed up together, we got them going with getting to know questions and figuring out their own unique team name. Just in case you were wondering, we had these 4 games that rattled the venue.

Stack Me Up- the team that creates the fastest perfect combinations of pyramids wins.
Wear a Hero- members needs to wear a cape and run through a course one at a time.
Shoot That Ball- the group lines up to follow 5 basic instructions- pass, dribble, exhibition, raise the ball and shoot. The person that is called to shoot first, wins.
Sack Race- the classic relay game that needs no poise and lots of speed. The team that finishes first with a sack still in place wins.

For a complete list of games we play in our events, you can visit our Create Your Own Event Page. Go ahead, copy and play it with your friends. Better yet, join our events so you can do that with children.

The morning ended with a bang. Ate Sam with so much energy distributed her gifts to the kids. She got them herself! We appreciate her indeed and her family for throwing a party to remember. :)

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U! Happy Events