1038 Ate Rona’s Singing Workshop for Children’s Joy Foundation

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Written by: Kuya Glenn Costales, President

Another birthday celebration awaited around 20 kids of Children’s Joy Foundation in Quezon City. This NGO features a host of talented children, which is something this children’s home prides itself in nurturing. This event was the brainchild of Ate Rona Angeles, a young professional who recently celebrated her birthday. She had this wish to gather her friends for an afternoon of fun and learning their talented and younger counterparts.

To get things started, we grouped our volunteers and kids and gave them some getting-to-know time. This is always useful to make sure they fuse their vibrant energies together. The 1st game we played was Reverse Charades. Instead of the usual rules, only 1 player acted out the word while everyone tried to guess it. We had professions as the category and it was fun seeing the volunteers and kids trying to act out a magician, swimmer, carpenter and even an astronaut!

The 2nd game was called Replacements. This is one of our original games where 1 player from each group was shown a picture with a number of people in it. They had distinct and animated poses and facial expressions which 1 player had to memorize. He/she then had to direct the rest of his/ her group into mimicking the picture. It was another enjoyable time that showcased some acting and a lot of glowing expressions.

It was on to our Singing Workshop led by Ate Chynna Salazar, a music student from UP Diliman and U! Core Member. Just like any exercise, she first led the entire group to get vocally and physically loose and ready. After getting limbered up, Ate Chynna taught the kids some vocal drills using a keyboard to get everyone seeing to the same tune or somewhat :) With the volunteers joining this part of the workshop, she next coached everyone on how to sing (and dance to) the joyful song ‘Every Move I Make.’ With lyrics like “Every move I make, I make in you, You make me move, Jesus…,” it was the proper background to a lively performance.

Not to be outdone, Ate Rona and her friend, Ate Trish, also rendered a pair of songs before handing out their parting gifts to the kids. Happy birthday again, Ate Rona! Thank U! to you and to all our volunteers for an afternoon of melody and celebration.

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