610 Ate Rizza’s Dream Catcher with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Storm Lando came to the country and we had hesitations to push through with this experience. Thanks to each one’s stronger hearts, we made it happen despite challenges of wind and rain. Birthday celebrant, Ate Rizza Prado came with her mom and friends. They all braved the activity and was game to everything we prepared.

From gloomy atmosphere to happy vibes! We set up in the activity area and got 23 young patients with their guardians to participate. We had an entertaining set of volunteers who danced in front and then we proceeded to play our game, Show Me Your Face. Each group tried to outperform others by showing the best expressions I asked. I challenged teams to show fear, constipated and extreme happiness.

After which was the Bubble Show. Kuya Allan delighted the children with small to life size flying bubbles. The weather kind of cooperated. We were able to make them bigger and travel around the big area. Some children were even willing to go inside the biggest bubbles. Don’t breathe I said. :)

Kuya Robby took the helm to teach the crowd, Dream Catchers. Using only three materials- plastic paper plates, old colorful clothes and scissors we were able to make relevant souvenirs for their beds as the children heal. Dream Catchers are often used to keep children from having nightmares. We believe they can create big dreams and achieve them.

As we ended the happy morning, we distributed food and story books to each child. We also took the time to hear from Ate Rizza after she blew her birthday cake. Make dreams happen with our assistance! If you wish to have an event like these, please fill up our form too. Thanks! :)

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U! Happy Events