204 Ate Riesel Celebrates with Holy Family Home

Monday, April 29, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Riesel contacted us last month to explore a birthday celebration with kids and her friends. She suggested as well Holy Family Home as the beneficiary. She mentions that the company she works for tap them these kids last year.

Holy Family Home provides long-term residential care, protection, and rehabilitation for over 30 abandoned, neglected, orphaned, and physically abused girls. The foundation aims to give the girls under its care with complete service that caters to the personal, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. The foundation measures its success with its ability to mold the girls residing in the home into socially functioning individuals.

It was a surprising rainy afternoon on a summer season but everyone most especially the kids was eager for the event. We started it off by an ice breaker game of Pinoy Henyo, hosted by one of Riesel’s good friends. Everyone watched the Palmolive’s commercial (Comb Revo). Quite a familiar jingle lately. It goes something like “to the left, to the right…” The video was played about thrice so kids would memorize the steps. The kids and volunteers were grouped into 5, and they performed the dance together.

Next was eating time. We served carbonara & pineapple juice. Since they were in the kitchen/dining already, we did the cupcake decorating next. See the photos of amusement doing this activity. Our goal was to showcase creativity as well.

More games followed. Our sponsor Ate Riesel had a lot of games in her planned event. So we had calamansi relay, polvoron eating and carrot eating contest. Before we ended, the kids rendered two songs for all the volunteers that came. What a workout-outreach filled day it was. Join us next time! :)

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