799 Ate Rhea Celebrates with Little Lights

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Written by External Vice President, Kuya Glenn Costales

The 2nd event for last Saturday saw a reunion with the well-behaved but fun kids of Little Lights Ministry. Another post birthday celebration was the reason for this gathering with Ate Rhea celebrating her birthday just the night before. For her though, the weekend would not be complete though without spending time with the kids from the Cainta/ Pasig-based ministry.

Ate Rhea was accompanied by a few friends who gamely served as the kuya/ ates to the kids (as they were assigned to 6 each). They got the ball rolling with a fun 10-second dance to introduce themselves to the kids. A simple getting-to-know activity ensued kids to break the ice between each other.

The event then got to its first game –Pass the Item. While in their circles, an item was passed around each member of the group while a music played. When the music stopped, the person with the item had to quickly stand up and perform the gesture being asked for. These gestures were a cross, a Bible, a smile and a heart. This was a fun game to get the afternoon really started.

Another game that followed was the Reverse Charades. In this game, the volunteers had to guess the secret word (animals) which all of the kids were going to act out. This was again a race to guess the word the fastest.

After the games, it was time for some entertainment. Kuya Alan took front-and-center with a glittery bubble show. Different shapes and sizes of bubbles flew across the basketball court venue. The volunteers and kids even got the chance to step inside the dazzling spheres themselves which served as the highlight for this part of the program.

Dad’s Acrobats was next up for a stunning performance. The family of acrobats engaged in some acts that displayed amazing dexterity, balance and other impressive gymnastic skills. It was indeed a routine that made the audiences jaw drop.

One of the most awaited parts of the event was next up – snacks! A usual kid favorite meal was served followed by Ate Rhea handing out her presents to the kids. The gifts consisted of baon packs which the kids could use in the coming days/ weeks when they go to school.

Our thanks to the spirited group led by Ate Rhea. Happy birthday to U! We sincerely hope to see all of U! in our future events.

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U! Happy Events