934 Ate Rachelle Celebrates with JD Salvador

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Rachelle wanted to celebrate different this year and she tapped our group for a more meaningful birthday. 100 kids got to enjoy it with her together with her family and close friends. 100 kids sounds a lot because it was. Thanks to another partnership with JD Salvador, there was another day worth remembering.

We started by getting the volunteers lined up in front for an introduction with some of them going for an impromptu dance. The kids always love this part. And us too, the core team. Here we get to witness Ates or Kuyas showcasing their talent or the lack there of. Nevertheless, it also shows how game they are.

After grouping everyone to big groups of 10-12 each, we got them started with getting to know questions. They shared their names, they favorite subject and their dreams. For me these parts starts connections. It starts more fruitful conversations and stories to one another.

We had magic show next and our magician is from Tondo himself. We had too much fun in this part of the afternoon as our performer was a natural entertainer. He got the crowd engaged and participate with his questions, acts and antics.

A new game ensued and it was an impromptu revision of our game, “Pass The Ball”. I added the twist of math questions and the answers were too critical to the move of every group. It got some confused at the start but eventually everyone got it. Every round got even more competitive.

Ate Rollyn, sister of Ate Rachelle took stage next and she read to the crowd one of Adarna’s most popular stories, Hating Kapatid. It was a story of sharing equally among family, friends or simply to anyone. The kids got the value of it quickly and most could relate to it.

We then gave away prizes, loot bags and left even more gifts to the center.

As we ended the afternoon’s festivities, we also took the time to sing a Happy Birthday for Ate Rachelle. She brought her own chocolate cake, blew her candles on it and then left it for the kids to consume. That was the theme that day- sharing. Giving was felt all throughout. That day was not just about sharing one’s treasures, it was also about sharing one self to one another.

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