738 Ate Patricia Celebrates with SOS Children’s Village

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Issa Gayatin

SOS Children’s Village in Alabang were once again highlighted with laughter and excitement as another batch of sponsors and volunteers came despite the hot and humid weather in the afternoon of April 16, 2016. Ate Kat, together with her whole family and friends, gave their precious time to share blessings and to celebrate the birthday of her 16-year old daughter, Patricia Kaye. When U! Happy crew entered the village, Ate Kat and her family were already there putting up the wonderful candy booth on stage. It was nicely set up with all sorts of sweets. The mini carousel containing vanilla- flavored rice crispies were astounding. Nicely decorated balloons also made the place a happy place. There’s also a french fries booth on one side of the room.

 After all the volunteers registered, Ate Amy started the activities. She had the volunteers group with the kids. Kids were 28 in number and so 4 groups that was named after a candy were formed namely pochi team, lollipop team, bubble gum team and candy crush team She then asked each group to share their names, favorite color and favorite hobby to do this summer. Some kids were unruly but the volunteers didn’t mind at all. They seemed to be expecting it.

After the sharing, it was time to have a game. The first game is cheese ring relay. The goal is to transfer as much rings as they can to the other end of the line using a straw. It was a hilarious activity as some kids were eating the cheese rings before they transfer a ring to one another. There was also a moment were one group had nothing to transfer because the whole pack of cheese ring was lost. Some kids must have love the snack so much, they had to eat it. Nevertheless, everyone had fun and a winner was awarded namely the pochi team.

Afterwards, another game was done. It’s the hula hoop relay, but this time a garter was used. Each team were given a garter and the goal of the game is to be able to transfer the garter to the other end of the line using their bodies, with the exemption of the use of hands. All had so much fun in this game because all teams were very competitive. There was a tie-breaker as 2 teams won a point. Finally, the game was awarded to candy crush team. Everyone got hungry so the French fries booth was opened. It was blockbuster especially the BBQ flavored fries. And then it was time for the Acrobat show. As they were eating, the kids marveled at the amazing stunts of the acrobats.

And then it was time to eat lunch. Ate Kat prepared sumptuous spaghetti and chicken meals to the kids and to all the people involved in that activity. The candies were also distributed which made the kids more hyper. After eating, we had a group photo and sang happy birthday to Ate Patricia. She was very happy. After that, distribution of give- aways and bags from Ate Kat and family were done. Smiles and hugs happened right after. Ate Kat and her family was very happy. They even played basketball with some kids after the event. Also, they said they will definitely be back in SOS to support the kids again.
It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that U! Happy provides avenues to sponsors and beneficiaries to develop opportunities and connection. Volunteering truly offers more than just service. Thanks to the volunteers who continue to make a change in this nation. I hope we will continue to spread this endeavor in all areas of their community.

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