813 Ate Patricia and Ate Micha’s Enchanted Kingdom with SOS Children’s Village

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Written by President, Ate Te Candano

It has been a while since the last time I went to Enchanted Kingdom and it always seemed like the first time since I keep coming back with new kids and volunteers. This outreach was the brainchild of Ate Trish who wanted to celebrate her big day by being a blessing to others. She did not do this alone as she had Ate Micah, also a celebrant, to make the celebration doubly fun.

30 kids from SOS Village in Alabang were invited to go to Enchanted Kingdom. Most were first timers which made it more exciting. Ate Trish and Ate Micah were college classmates and also officemates. They invited their college friends from UP, officemates and family to join in the fun as they become an Ate and Kuya for the day. It was almost like a mini reunion of sorts for everyone. Some volunteers picked up the kids with the bus we rented. You can hear the kids excitedly go in before we made our way to Enchanted Kingdom. Ate Trish and Ate Micah were very hands on as we arrived. The kids and volunteers had their personalized IDs. Their volunteers helped us in organizing the kids. They even handed out water for us to bring inside EK. An orientation was made by EK staff to guide us on the day ahead and we were given our ride all you can passes at the bus. As the kids went down the bus in groups, they were instantly grouped into 4 teams with 4-5 volunteers with them to travel together inside the park. Teams got to know each other as they introduced themselves as a team. Once the formalities were out of the way, we then entered the theme park for what looked like a long but exciting day ahead.

The group first met up for lunch at the Launch Pad. The kids were served their favorite chicken meal. You can see the kids chatter and plan the day away with their partner volunteers through the helpful guide map of EK. As we went out, we were met by the cast of Enchanted Kingdom with a photo op. That signaled our time to explore the park with the whole afternoon we had to ourselves. Older kids wanted to try out the Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Anchors Away, Dodgem (bump car), Flying Fiesta and Rio Grande Rapids. While the younger ones wanted to try the Carousel, Roller Skates, Rialto, Up Up and Away, Swan Lake and Wheel of Fate. Swan Lake was popular among the younger ones as they even sang “Tatlong Bibe” song while the volunteers were pedaling for the swans to move. Truly there is an attraction for every age alike.

When it was too hot for us to be outside in the sun, some groups decided to watch an original show of EK which was called Ghouls and Gals. It was a musical that featured the different Pinoy characters for Halloween and they even have The Ghostbusters. It was a nice breather as the Ates and Kuyas bonded inside Eldar’s Tent for the show.

The kids had a whole afternoon exploring the theme park. The older ones bravely tried out some of the newer and more breathtaking attractions of Enchanted Kingdom like Air Race, Disk-O-Magic and Ekstreme Tower. These are surely must try offerings for those who have not been to EK for a long time. These rides will definitely take your breath away!

As the group gathered at the Bandstand for our afternoon merienda, the rain started to pour. Good thing everyone was already inside and you can hear non-stop stories being exchanged on the different activities each team did for the whole day. We were then surprised to find out that there was a special show just for the SOS Village Kids! Singer Dulce, along with her son, opera singer David Ezra serenaded the crowd and even had a duet to everyone’s delight. Dulce also shared an inspirational talk on how the Lord has changed her life for the better and encouraged us to keep our faith in everything. And just as her testimonial ended, the rains stopped. It was a great way to end our day with a beautiful and inspiring performance to further make the kids strive to be better in their lives.

The group then proceeded to the bus. We had our photo ops and before the volunteers bid the kids goodbye, there was another surprise in store for the kids. The celebrants prepared gifts to everyone. With the help of the volunteers, the kids were given school supplies, snacks and umbrella to take home with them. Not only did the kids enjoy a full day in the theme park but they were given gifts to remember the day.

Thank you again to all the volunteers who gamely offered their time and effort to entertain the kids during the whole journey. Special thanks to our birthday celebrants, Ate Trish and Ate Micah for giving the kids such a fun memory which they will surely remember for a long time. We also have Kuya Dan, one of the college friends of the celebrants to share his fun experience:

Being a volunteer for my good friends’ birthday celebration with some children of SOS Village is really one for the books. I genuinely had a grand time looking after my “kiddie buddies” for the day. Seeing them smile totally touched my heart and warmed my soul. I would also like to commend U! Happy Events for ensuring the success of the event. For me, everything about that day was perfect.

Good news is that we are coming back to Enchanted Kingdom in a few weeks time. Join us on October 22, as we bring 100 kids to the theme park for another memorable experience. To volunteer, you may check out www.uhappyevents.com/EK for more details. Let’s make the magic live on with yet another trip to one of our happiest place, Enchanted Kingdom.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events