477 Ate Pam’s Mind Museum Tour with Mano Amiga

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

A very enthusiastic and bubbly celebrant, Ate Pam Valenzuela celebrated her 40th with family, close friends and 40 kids of Mano Amiga. You probably guessed it, each child represented a year of our birthday girl.

The day started early. Our core team braved the Sunday to serve everyone. We agreed to met up at 730AM at Jollibee. It was a breakfast meet up and games then on to the tour of the Mind Museum. Most of the kids were first timers.

I took the time to make sure the children were connecting to some of the volunteers we ate. I initiated groupings for getting to know questions like their favourite subject in school and a short math game.

The tour went under way. We got our team to divide it to 4 groups. Each ventured different locations with enough time limit set to make sure they get to learn and enjoy the different facilities. I personally enjoyed the Science show led by one of the Mind Museum staff. It was a magic done differently.

The wonderful morning ended with blessings from Ate Pam. She and husband initiated gift giving of story books to all the delighted children.

We hope U! too can celebrate your milestones and create memories with children. Join and create with us! :)

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U! Happy Events