433 Ate Nina’s Accessory Workshop with Holy Family Home

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Japhet Paragsa

I met Ate Nina during our college days being members of the same socio-civic organization. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to realize that she, together with her family and friends, sponsored the event at the Holy Family Home. This event was part of her daughter’s birthday celebration. Such a great way to celebrate and share their blessings!

The girls of Holy Family and the volunteers completed the registration first before they were grouped into 5. They spent a few minutes getting to know each other to kick off the event. It was immediately followed by a Magic show care of our resident magician, Kuya Koby. The girls and the volunteers were equally amazed by the show and other special tricks. But wait, there’s more… Kuya Koby showed us how to twist some balloons which is one of my personal favorites. For some reason, I am really amazed on how those balloons can turn different things. I am even more amazed to see that the girls did a great job in this activity as well. That’s real talent, I must say.

I learned that day that Holy Family supplies accessories to the biggest chain of malls in the country. This makes our next activity highly relevant to the girls. We invited a professional accessory maker, Ate Coey, to facilitate an accessory making workshop for the girls. Each group was given a set of different materials to choose from to create their very own accessories. Ate Coey, with her assistant, went around each group to assist and provide tips as everyone work on their accessories. After a few minutes, some of the girls and volunteers are already showing off their creations. It was such a beautiful sight. But what really touched my heart was when I also one of the girls gave an arm candy to one of our volunteers and said “thank you, Ate”. At that moment, I knew that their appreciation goes beyond the workshop provided to them.

Of course, the event will not be complete without an afternoon snacks. The girls said a prayer of thanks in unison before we ate. To make it more exciting, we brought a Manong Sorbetero inside which made the girls even happier. How often do you get to have an ice cream man inside your home? Even the volunteers got a little excited over those tasty sorbetes.

Before we officially close the program, the girls approached the volunteers to give them a big hug for an afternoon well spent. Another success U! happy event. Join us in our next activity!

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U! Happy Events