41 Ate Nina Celebrates with Tuklasan

Monday, January 26, 2009

Written by Kuya Harvard

When Ate Nina and her sister Ate Maus visited Tuklasan last December, she vowed to do her birthday there a month after. She over promised that. Ate Nina not only celebrated her day… she also celebrated the Kids day. :)

The day started late afternoon, almost 5pm. Kuya Harvard with some U! Volunteer Partners- Ate Shy, Ate Melissa, Ate Anne & Kuya Victor were there to make it the day to remember.

The more we celebrate with the Kids here… the more I felt their lives, says Kuya Harvard. He has been there 15 times or so- thanks to the 3 minute proximity to his house. :)

Ate Nina’s birthday started with 2 games. The infamous Bahay-Baboy-Bagyo and Make A Scene. One game was to fire up the mood and the other to bring about creativity from everyone. The Ate & Kuyas were part of the games! :)

Next stop was Art Workshop- a new addition to U! Happy Events’ activities. This one was just meaningful. We encouraged 34 Kids of Tuklasan to “Art” their dreams- what they want to be when they grow up! They’re nice and creative, says Ate Nina. :)

Ate Nina was accompanied by her look a like sister, Maus and her daughter RV. Everyone joined in for snacks and Magic Show by Kuya Koby.

It was night time already when the Kids showed their trademark dances. They did the High School Musical and the New one- Voltes V. It was phenomenal. Smiles in everyone’s faces. :)

We encourage our other U! Partners to celebrate their days with Kids. We can set-up it up for U! free of charge. Let us work with you in Blessing them. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events