528 Ate Nikki Celebrates with IT Tender

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

My friend Nikki’s second tie-up with U! Happy Events happened in her hometown, Alabang. Two years ago she celebrated with orphans of New Faith Family Home. We truly appreciate our sponsors coming back to us for more enriching events for children.

It was our first encounter though with group IT Tender. IT (International Teams) Tender empowers children to become educated and responsible leaders in their community. They do this through educational programs and community development so that families will become responsible and self-sustaining. Information on their programs and how you can get involved can be found at http://tender.iteams.ca/. There are other IT Tenders in different nations as well.

We kicked off our late afternoon program by pairing the adorable, hyper filled kids with our excited volunteers. It was such a fit to have the same number of participants on both sides. The first 5 pairs to go in front got a prize but had to give us all a dance number before doing so.

U! Happy Events prepared three activities with all of it being done in groups. Our preference in doing everything in groups enables a lot more interaction and dynamic involvement from everyone. After getting to know, we had In or Out game. Here members hold hands and wait for categories that can either place them inside or outside the hula hoops. It got so competitive!

Next was Cone Me If You Can. The goal was to solve a mathematical equation first and then the answer is shown by how many cones are raised up. It was a bit confusing at the start but groups caught quickly.

Last activity was probably the most memorable one for volunteers. We had the kids face paint the Kuyas and Ates through a common theme. Two groups had flowers all over. Another were all cats. The winning team though had sun as their message. It was done all in their hands. Check out the photos!

After all that was a well deserved yummy break. Jollibee served their best sellers- Spaghetti and Chicken paired up with Fries and Sundae. Jollibee even showed up for a dance! Happy faces ensued all over the room.

A birthday party won’t be a masterpiece without a Happy Birthday song. We had this after gathering everyone for a group photo. Happy Nikki blew her cake with smiles from ear to ear.

Hey, if its your birthday too, maybe you can celebrate it with us? Check out our form here. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events