541 Ate Nicole’s Larong Pinoy with UNO Kids

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Suszie Galang

As kids, we enjoy playing outside with friends and the most common games that we Filipinos played when we were younger we’re tumbang preso, luksong tinik and Dr. Quack Quack. Today’s Ate’s and Kuya’s get to replay their childhood games with the UNO Kids.

Before playing the games with the kids we got the Ate’s and Kuya’s to introduce themselves by singing out their names. Then we group the kids into 5 groups and paired them with the Ate’s and Kuya’s so they can get to know them better. For the volunteers and the kids to get to know each other we asked them to share their names and their favorite games to play.

Afterwards we got their attention by doing a bubble show by Kuya Allan. The kids and volunteers were so excited and amazed by the bubble shows and it showed through their face. They stepped it up by asking some volunteers to accompany the kids and be engulfed by the big bubbles.

After getting their attention with the bubble show we started the most awaited part of the day, which was the larong pinoy. We started with playing tumbang preso, and instead of using tin cans and tsinelas we used plastic bowling pins and bowling balls. The kids and volunteers had so much fun playing tumbang preso and the other Filipino games we held, which were luksong tinik and Dr. quack quack.

After all the fun-filled and tiring activities, merienda was served to the kids and the ate’s and kuya’s. The kids and volunteers got to know more about each other as they shared the food together. During this time prizes and gifts were given to the kids and the winning teams.

We then ended the day with the costumary group photos of the kids with the ate’s and kuya’s. the kids then gave their new Ate’s and Kuya’s warm hugs and said their farewells.

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