466 Ate Nica Celebrates with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Friday, March 13, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

Familiar faces and welcoming smiles greeted the team of U! Happy Events as they prepared for another day of lively fun with the children of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation (www.jllcf.com). It was the first event of the year at JLLCFI and likewise the first partnership with event sponsor, Ate Nica Abucayan.

As owner of dnicashop (an online desserts business), Ate Nica, escorted by her 12-year-old son CJ, wanted to share her love for sweets with the kids from JLLCFI. But more than that, she just wanted to share her blessings with our children beneficiaries and at the same time, have her family and close friends take part in the experience as well.

The day started with the customary getting-to-know activity to have everyone acquainted. This was important to make sure the volunteers and kids were comfortable especially with a lot of friendly competition ahead. Aside from their names, the members of the groups (as everyone was organized into 4 teams) took turns explaining their favorite numbers and also describing themselves in one word. This sure got everyone at ease.

It was onto the first game after that. The teams settled in their chairs for the Numbers Trivia Game. In this mental contest, trivia questions were given with the answers being the numbers from 1 to 10. The volunteers and kids had to work together to be able to answer the questions which was about a number of things (i.e. colors of the rainbow, sides of a hexagon, loaves of bread Jesus multiplied, etc.). One team soon emerged the brightest and won the game.

The second game needed a bit more room – the Dance Craze Game. After thinking their way through the first game, the teams now had to move… and groove. In this game, dance songs were played in the background. The teams then had to come up with their own choreography to dance the popular step associated with the song. Songs featured those like Wiggle and Teach Me How to Douggie. It also had some classics like the Macarena, and even had local novelty Otso-otso and Spaghetti. After several rounds of dancing, and with the scores tied, the teams just let it all out in the final song. Everyone went crazy and it was such an exhilarating sight.

After the thrill of the dance game, the teams then had to combine their minds and their moves with the Reverse Charades game. A pair of volunteer and kid from each group had to guess the word that was being acted and portrayed by the rest of their team. The words were pretty much about anything under the sun –the MRT, Noah’s Ark, Avengers and even a rollercoaster. A number of rounds pass and the game saw another winner.

With the competition over, everyone sat back down in their seats as they were served a nourishing snack of baked macaroni. Ate Nica likewise took this time to distribute some delightful sweets to both the volunteers and the kids. It didn’t take long for the dear birthday sponsor to find herself in front being serenaded with a happy birthday! Gifts soon found their way to the kids and they gathered with their ates and kuyas for a group picture as a final wrap up.

U! Happy Events sends its blessed birthday wishes to Ate Nica. Thank U! to CJ, Ate Nica’s family and friends, and also the volunteers present that day. These people deserve the credit for being such enthusiastic ates and kuyas to the kids.

From Ate Nica Abucayan:

U! Happy Events gave me the chance to fulfill my long time wish to do charity work for kids. It was such a great experience as I was able to bring my friends and family with me in an event for a cause. To see the sincerest smiles of children made our day. I was most inspired when the Pope told the story of Why children had to suffer and he was not able to answer. In our simple way… we wanted to make a difference and make the kids happy. A party where they have fun, eat good food and enjoy games. I was able to share my passion in desserts as well and share them with the children. This was indeed the most memorable birthday party I could never forget. Definitely this won’t be the last. Thanks U! Happy Events for making this happen.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events