399 Ate Monique’s Singing Workshop for New Faith Family Home

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It’s the same day as the fight of Manny Pacquiao and American, Chris Algieri. It took a lot more for the volunteers to attend given that the streets get empty every time Manny is in the ring. The family and close friends of birthday celebrant, Ate Monique not only came but went earlier than expected. Our team appreciates that.

It was a sunny early afternoon. The orphanage inside Valley Golf in Cainta was filled with 26 excited and vibrant children from ages 4-14 years old. We partnered them with 22 volunteers and they got to share their names, favorite song and singer to each other.

Ate Micaela, one of our artist took stage after Kuya Harvard hosted the welcome and getting to know. She has performed in numerous plays, sings on different events and teaches as well. Ate Mica as she is usually called lead everyone to a wonderful ride on a singing workshop. It was a combination of fun games that geared towards loving singing. It was light and practical learning even for the youngest kids.

The workshop ended with groups performing the song, Day by Day. It was like a recital. It was an icing on a cake on a productive afternoon.

Ate Lucky Lizarondo sponsored this event for her best friend Ate Monique. It was supposed to be her surprise treat until she found out. Nevertheless, it is a gift that was shared by many. If you wish to do same for your family and friends celebrating their special day, let us know.

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