627 Ate Mica Celebrates with Project Bantu

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Project Bantu is a Program that uses the art-form of Capoeira Angola to achieve positive social outcomes in at-risk youth. Thanks to 5 birthday celebrants led by Ate Mica Salcedo we were able to have our first partnership with them. The participants included also street kids who are new in the program. We were at Art Plus venue in Burgos, Makati.

For the bright morning ahead, we made a mark in our encounter by doing three interactive games. Of course we jump off with getting to know before getting our hands dirty. We had Hula Together, Get In and Dance Showdown. Wondering how these are played, Details on these games here.

I particularly enjoyed the last game we had. Group one who had mostly experienced dancers, showed off their moves to everyone else. It didn’t matter if it was a fast or slow song. We also had an impromptu Hula Hoop challenge. Ate Mica proved to be an expert. She did hers for 61 seconds!

We believe that our volunteers and kids got tired not only from physical activities but also from cheering. When they get a point, they jump up and down and make sounds that can be heard all the way to the first floor. We were at the 4th. :)

Next stop was early lunch. We had packed Filipino food. They were in circles, sitting down and we encourage them to chat as they chow along.

Before giving out school supplies as gifts, we had Project Bantu led by Kuya Jay Benedicto perform an Angola song paired up with Capoeira performances. It was a delight to see these.

We packed up and told Kuya Jay, let’s do it again Christmas. :)

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