822 Ate Mercedita Celebrates with Kuya Center

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Fifty wonderful years in the life of our sponsor, Ate Mercedita and she opted to celebrate with street children of Kuya Center. She purposely invited 50 kids to represent each passing year. Her husband, Kuya Don, children with spouses and grandchildren joined her in this memorable event.

Ate Mercedita filled up our form and requested Dance Showdown as one of the games. And that pretty much became the theme that afternoon. At the start I asked the guests to either jump in their equivalent age or dance. The young ones opted to bounce while the seniors willingly danced to our delight.

After splitting the groups to ten kids and more or less two Ates or Kuyas, we started getting to know each other. The questions to answer were their names, favorite artist and their dreams in life. Not surprisingly a number of the kids picked teacher and police as their preferred work in the future. It used to be doctors, right?

The Dance Showdown was indeed that. The five teams picked different leaders every round and danced their heart out. We played a number of songs that were very popular today including Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake and some classic hits like What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. The volunteers really participated to make this activity even more interesting.

We then had Kuya Dennis to perform his way of Magic to the audience. It was a showcase of tricks that dazzles and creates a lasting impression. I am sure the kids will not forget this moment.

Ate Divine with the help of our core team distributed balloons next. This was a workshop first on how to make a heart using squishy inflated balloons. After which, Ate Divine showcased seven outrageous shapes using multiple colored balloons even. She was able to make a bouquet of flowers and I gave it to Ate Chessika.

Last game was about dance once again. This time each team arranges themselves in one line and should be able to pass a three second dance step from one person to another. It turned out this was funnier than it was competitive. Most of the steps were really different as they reached the end. I just had to pick the closest one.

After a hearty meal, children and volunteers lined up for a series of shots at the photo booth. We also gave out goodies and school supplies as gifts. Winners of the two games also received story books! There were a lot of things given out in this event, the best one of which is love. I felt the love in the air as everyone shared their life to one another.

Once again, Happy Birthday Ate Mercedita!

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