499 Ate May Celebrates with Bahay Maria

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Never mind that we had three scheduled events last May 9. Seeing the smiles of the children are more than enough to keep us going. The adorable and energetic children of Bahay Maria is not an exception. We have seen most of them grow with us in the last three years we have been visiting. This was our 14th meet.

Thanks to friend and celebrant Ate May Liwanag our 14th was another milestone to treasure. She and 20 other friends partnered with 34 kids for an afternoon of getting to know through three interactive games. I had fun hosting and engaging the crowd through are sets of popular group games.

We started with Shape It Up. Here we gave a colored string to each team. They are to shape up a list of different shapes and items first to win against the other groups. It got more challenging at the end when I asked for a crown, a star and a chair.

Since Ate May requested for Jollibee merienda, she also asked Jollibee mascot to be present. After his signature dance moves, teams gathered for picture. I requested each group to come up with their most creative poses. One team even did a jump shot!

Back to the games. Next was Bring Me Art. The task at hand is more on creativity. It will provide speed in producing an item I ask. Teams work together to cut colored papers and raise up the item first. Interesting theme we had: food. I had everyone believe that it was Ate May’s favorite thing in the world.

The last game proved to be the most exciting and competitive, the In or Out. Same teams battle it out for team work and coordination as they go for speed in identifying who should be inside or outside the hula hoops. I took charge in dictating different categories. One of the ones I like the most in what I asked was- all the ones with glasses inside and those without outside. It was confusing for some especially when they were wearing shades.

All that energy had to rest for awhile as everyone took time for merienda and chat. What followed next was our giant group photo to sum up all the happiness that were created that day. We also took the time to sing Ate May a happy birthday together with one of the kids, Samantha whose birthday was May 6.

The last stop were hugs as thank yous for a fantastic day and as they received their pillows as gifts. Thank you once again Ate May Liwanag. May you continue to partner with us for better opportunities for children. :)

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