820 Ate Maui’s Fitness Workshop with IT Tender

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Issa Gayatin

Snails Alabang team , one of the popular running teams in south, were all geared up that sunny Saturday morning of October 8, 2016. It was another special day for Ate Maui, because she will celebrate her birthday with the kids of IT Tender in Muntinlupa City. Ate Maui have an adocacy called The Purple Backpacker, which aims to spread joy and love in her many adventures. This time, she brought her family and running team with her, all wearing sports attire and customized Purple Backpacker shirts. This was Ate Maui’s first time to partner with U Happy events. The core members who were present at that time were Ate Te, Kuya Glenn, Ate Amy, Kuya Mike, and myself.

As soon as majority of the kids and volunteers arrived, Ate Te and Kuya glenn grouped them into 5 teams. The first activity is the getting- from to-know. Each team will share their names and personal information to each other. The eagerness to get to know the kids were very visible in the faces of the volunteers. Almost all of them are first timers in joining charity events such as this. It doesn’t take long before everyone were done in this activity. Then Ate Te called out one volunteer representative from each team to share the information that they learned from the kids in their team. Everyone were able to share excellently, I can really see they like the kids. Who wouldn’t? The IT tender kids are behave, sweet and happy kids.

Afterwards, it’s time to play a game called pass the charades. In this game, alternate volunteer and kid will pass the actions assigned to them and the last person will be the one to guess. Ate Te and Kuya Glenn provided five jobs for them to guess. This game is hilarious and exciting. Proper communication is indeed vital. The best part is that everyone played along and can be seen to have had a great time despite the little space of the venue and the heat of the weather. Team 4 won in this game who got 2 points.

The fun didn’t stop there as it was time for the physical exercise segment. After being introduced, Kuya Joshua appeared and waved to the participants. He then played a groovy music and carefully instructed the warm up moves. It involved a lot of jumps and wiggles, some volunteers even though athletes had a hard time doing. Kuya Joshua clearly mastered this through his constant trainings and marathons. Afterwards, Kuya Joshua also added heart-racing drills and fun relay games in this activity. All were laughing while showing off their competitiveness. The frog-like walk was the funniest in the relay part. Team 1 won in this game. Each kid in the team were stamped and received prizes towards the end of the activity.

Then, it was almost lunch time so delicious Jollibee meals were distributed to everyone. The participants happily ate with kids. When everyone has were finished eating, Ate Maui finally wore her purple backpack and started giving her purple give aways containing toiletries to the kids. The kids faces became brighter as each one received the cute purple bag handed to them. And then, Kuya Mike gathered everyone for a photo op. Ate Amy brought out the special cupcake for Ate Maui and we all sang her a happy birthday. I’ve known Ate Maui for quite some time already and I know that she has to been was very happy at that time. Most of her friends and family were there to celebrate this special day. Also, she was able to continue her advocacy. Thank you Ate Maui for bringing joy to the IT Tender kids, to the Snails volunteers and to the core team of U! Happy! Your generosity and passion to serve has inspired us to also continue what we do in this organization. Our advocacy to support marginalized children will surely go a long way.

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