850 Ate Maru’s Magic Workshop with Kuya Center

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Kai Garcia

Nobody can deny that magic shows are entertaining and appealing to all ages. Volunteers and kids alike were very much excited for this event. Together with Ate Maru’s initiative, U! Happy Events have once again organized a magic workshop with the kids of Kuya Center. This is a Cubao-based center where street children are taken care of.

Everybody was excited even before the event started. Volunteers got the chance to talk and mingle with the kids. Spirited and loud laughter could be heard as they play the hula-hoops.

The moment came where the children became attentive. With so much awe and admiration, they watched our magician do the tricks. They also had the chance to learn and perform their own magic tricks. With so much excitement felt in the air, the children indeed learn a lot.

Concluding the event, the kids have gathered for a delicious merienda. Ate Maru surely had fun with the kids as they took photographs. They also received gifts from the volunteers. This has been a worthy experience for us all as we bring joy and laughter to the kids.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events