326 Ate Maritess’ Accessory Workshop with New Beginnings

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was our fifth event with teens from New Beginnings. Their center is located at CRIBS. We met new faces from our last trip and found out that some have graduated. The last four events were arts and talent, movie showing at SM Marikina, accessory making and beat box workshop.

It was a different accessory making this time as we taught them how to do the popular loom bracelets. Ate Mazey, our workshop head, took the time to explain in detail how to assemble the simple and complex versions. After almost an hour, everyone had a combination of colorful bracelets. Some even had them on both wrists.

We also invited a ventriloquist to create more happy souls. At the end, we showered the teens with gifts from our sponsors. They got finished loom bracelets, school supplies and a bag of goodies.

Ate Maritess Almonte was our sponsor. She currently works in the Middle East. Kuya Harvard and her planned this event online. After this event, she committed to doing this every year on her birthday. She even hopes to do one on Christmas as well. We appreciate our OFWs who take the time to reach out to kids when they’re here visiting.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events