472 Ate Marge’s Memory Game Cards with Living Faith in Jesus Ministry

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

March 21, 2015 was the date when the South Team of U! Happy Events came back to Living Faith in Jesus Ministry for another art workshop. The event was an advance 27th birthday celebration of ate Marge Lauz. Her birthday is on March 24, 2015.

Kids were grouped into four (4) teams. Joining each group were friends/church-mates of Ate Marge. Members were then asked to introduce their name, favorite summer food, and talent/s. Representatives from each group were asked about things that their group-mates shared. Groups were also asked to think of their own group name. Thus, Team Lamig (group 1), Team Tayo (group 2), Frozen Kids (group 3), and Team Hot (group 4) were formed.

To entertain everyone before starting our games, kids from each group were asked to sing. And oh, the whole event became an instant singing contest because the venue was filled with an atmosphere of pure talent at its finest. Kids representing groups 1 to 3 sang love songs while the group 4 representative performed an energy-filled rap.

After that amazing entertainment, it’s time to test groups’ cooperation and strategy through games. The first game was “Dragon tale”. In this game, groups need to form a straight line and act as a Chinese Dragon. The objective of this game is to collect as many red ribbons, which are attached at the back of the last person in line, as they can. It was such a heart-pumping game!

The second game was “Pass the Message” (with a twist, of course). In this game, groups were required to form a straight line. Members need to deliver the message (in a form of shape or number) to the last person by drawing the required figure at the back of the next person until it gets to the last person. It was such a hilarious game because some groups produce different figures.

Art workshop came in next. Just like before, Ate Blanca facilitated this art workshop. Kids and volunteers were taught how to make their own “Memory Game Cards”. Required materials were card boards and crayons. Ate Blanca instructed and guided everyone in making sea creature doodle (fish, jelly fish, whale, and starfish). Each sea creature must be drawn in two (2) square cards (for the game’s purpose). It was such a fun workshop for both kids and volunteers.

The event ended with gift giving, group photos, and kids giving hugs to their new Ates and Kuyas. This is surely another event worth remembering for both kids and volunteers.

U! Happy Events

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