644 Ate Malen Celebrates with Boys Town

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Our board member, Ate Malou Galian has made another connection for us. We make it a point that every member of our core team is a brand ambassador of what we do for marginalized children. Ate Malen Diaz is a college batch mate of Ate Malou and she taken the time to share her passion for providing better opportunities to kids.

It was a bright Sunday morning on a a quiet community in Manila Boys Town. We settled to do our activity inside the chapel. It did add serenity and comfort the whole time we were there. 25 children with 13 girls represented joined a tough 5 volunteer roster with Ate Malen leading them.

After getting to know each one individually in groups we went on to more exciting parts- games. We first played Bring Me Art. It is still one of our unique game creations to date. Each group races to cut paper and come up with a bring me item first. Next game was Fax Machine. Here, individuals are sitting down in one line with their groups. They draw shapes at the back of each other until their Ate or Kuya draws it up at the end. First team with the right answer gets the point.

We were fortunate to have Ate Aryan present as our dance instructor wasn’t able to make it. She being a dance professional and a dance studio owner, lead everyone to mirror dance with her. Ate Aryan gracefully got the crowd moving with songs Dessert and Fantastic Baby.

As we took a break, we had our early lunch and then gift giving followed after. Ate Malen’s mom and her friends joined her in smiles as they gave school supplies.

Thank you once again Ate Malen for your generous blessing to the children! :)

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