602 Ate Maggie’s Story Telling Workshop with Young Focus

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Written by Board Member, Ren dela Cruz

Most people hear the word “Tondo” and the words rowdy, scary, and dangerous will most probably be what come to mind. With a great majority there living below the poverty line, it is easy to cast off Tondo as a place you wouldn’t want to visit. What not a lot of people know however is that amidst this ‘rowdy’ place are great hearts, sweet children, and helpful people, needing all the love and support we can give. That is why we are truly appreciative of our Tondo-based partner beneficiaries, and our sponsors who choose to do their events in the area.

Last October 4, U! Happy sponsor ate Maggie and her family shared their blessings to Tondo-based community partner, Young Focus. We started the event with customary Getting-to-know, as we asked ate Maggie, her family, and her friends to go onstage and share their talent. It was a great way to make the children comfortable, and we then assigned the volunteers to each group of kids so they could bond with each other. Next up was a magic show which ate Maggie wanted the kids to experience, as everyone oohed and aahed at all the magic tricks, including a levitating table.

For the workshop proper, resident actor and story-teller Kuya Rich went in front and led everyone to try out some story-telling basics and confidence building exercises. As the workshop progressed, you could see that the children were getting more and more at home with the volunteers and very open to learning from Kuya Rich! We ended the workshop with a fun story-telling activity where the teams depicted various everyday scenes like attending church, eating dinner, etc.

To reenergize the kids, we handed out lunch to everyone present. But ate Maggie’s surprises weren’t over yet, as we did the final activity–dancing! I was privileged to lead the kids and volunteers, and we danced to the songs ‘Alive’ and ‘Happy’, both fitting words to describe the day. We capped of the afternoon with a group photo and handing out loot bags for the children. We also greeted ate Maggie a happy birthday and the children all hugged the volunteers goodbye.

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